Since opening in 2000, KITAFIT.COM has maintained a goal of getting people INSPIRED. It's awesome to feel the power of your SOUL on a dance floor, painting, creating, speaking, moving, exercising, visiting museums, meeting new people, getting involved with your community, volunteering, helping your neighbor,  & changing the world one EXPEREINCE  at a time.  That's why Kitafit wants to get you inspired to live the life of your dreams.  Our passion is to  connect you with the best fitness trainers, best locations to train, cutting edge brain nutrition, Functional Fitness Programming, Healthy Brain Workshops, Corporate Fitness, Healthy Back Training, &  the best Weight Loss Programs.  Together through cross promotion we can begin connecting & integrating local companies and thier unique talents, from all over the world on our Kitafit Youtube Television Channel.   Kita believes if your Age 8 or 80 we can all use extra inspiration, guidance and motivational TV that is available 24/7.  Our Kitafit TV segments can get your spirit LAUGHING , moving &  grooving to a successful Total Body Wellness program. is downright passionate about everything!  From the creative arts, to music, fashion, fitness and cooking we have you covered in your community.  So whether your helping motivate someone who is batteling depression to  inspiring someone to start dancing again it's always a pleasure to create new fresh daily content. We love helping you discover your inner HAPPY .:):):)

WE believe in you, your dreams do matter, your spirit is soaring and now let's get you moving it's time to achieve all your dreams & define your future Legacy.         


         Kita, CEO Founder

Kita Johnson is a functional orthopedic rehabilitation specialist and fitness instructor. As a top Health & Fitness Influencers she has began her re-launch of Kitafit youtube to help inspire, motivate, educate, lift up and celebrate the unique gift we each have in the arena of living a life of energy and passion. She's been featured on the Healthy Living Lifestyles Show, KUSI, NBC, HSN and had her radio show on KCBQ called the Kitafit Power Hour. Kita is super excited to get you back on track. Join her on her FREE youtube channel Kitafit to learn all about tips and tricks w fitness training, fat burning, nutrition, cooking, meditation, visualization training and a whole bunch more! Subscribe and send in all your questions she is so excited to help you win!!!"


"Stand in your truth, stand in your light, and always be a warrior!!!" Kita