WELCOME TO KITAFIT 24/7 YOUTUBE STATION.   My background is sound, seasoned functional orthapedic protocols, making my personal vlogs on mind set, fun workout's, and safe training a no brainer.  My video's are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to workout equipment, training routines, and weight loss. My goal is to champion the FITNESS, WEIGHT LOSS, BACK & SPINAL COMMUNITY.  I am a Champion4Women and I'd love nothing better to be the one to help you reach your goals. Get Started Now! Watch KITAFIT YOUTUBE & see what new mind, body, spirit programs I  have up on my global fitness channel for you to get inspired. IF you want more and would like a personal one-on-one session there are 2 west coast convenient locations depending on the season I can meet up with you and train:  Encinitas, CA or  Tucson, Az.

KITAFIT.COM YouTube is a global way to connect available  24/7.  Kita gives you a one-on-one  behind the scenes interviews & back stage coverage of the most current underground Fitness,  Fashion, Food, Art, & Charity Events.  Subscribe to our daily vlogs & get on our  list of upcoming events. 

Meet Kita CEO, & founder of KITAFIT TV she has a huge passion around learning how to train with proper form and function.  Kita has specific video's on how to work out for Spinal Health,  Happy Healthy Hips & Functional Ergonomic Training . KITAFIT TV allows you access to training tips, easy breezy nutrition & motivation 24 hrs a day! We want you to have full access to attaining your dreams so if you work late, travel, or just need a quick home workout we have you covered. Enjoy meditation, yoga, pilates by watching her ASMR channel in the background for a perfect way to relax your mind, and a fantastic way to bring energy and stamina back into your life.