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Psalm 118:14 “The Lord is my strength & my song he has become my victory:)”

Dear Heavenly Father,
Yesterday was one of my most difficult days or so I thought teaching. I really didn’t know how I was going to complete all my classes and still be able to walk. After each class I have to ice my entire right side down bc of all the pain- yesterday I prayed I had my prayer warriors praying and just like this verse you WERE my strength and my song and you ARE my victory. I humbly praise you from the depths of my soul- I had such amazing classes and connections w so many students yesterday and I thank you for giving me that strength yesterday to teach through pain:) Lord my heart goes out to each reader please help each of us to open our hearts to your divine strength, to your light, to your song. Allow us to ask you for help- to ask you to connect each of us to our purpose to our legacy. Our time here is short allow our feet to find the path you have created for us. Allow each of us to be present in the moment, to see your signs, to see miracles to know you are listening. So if my readers are struggling w recovery from a stroke, chemo, broken bones, feet that need repair, relationships that have been broken, mothers who need support and love, to financial struggles, to dads that need conviction, to our service families, to our police, firefighters, nurses, drs, to attorneys who sacrifice pro bono cases, to all artists that struggle w depression, to those who feel abandoned allow each heart to feel self realized and know they are never EVER alone. We together reader and myself combine our hearts and together in unison we say AMEN.

I love you Lord- you always write this I just move my fingers- love you...love you... love you:) you ARE REAL!!!

Xoxo Kita

EPHESIANS 3:14 read verses below:)
.... wow.....let’s all fall to our knees in prayer to our amazing creator:)
Dear Heavenly Father to think you are the alpha and the omega, you are the beginning and the end- you are my hope for walking someday normally again- you are my hope for healing all - both believers and mostly my heart cry’s to unbelievers the ones who were like me who had been hurt by Human’s calling themselves Christians Lord my fall is your gain- my weakness is your strength you Father are the builder and resurrection to my broken body. Through you each of us can connect and talk to you through the gift you gave us called the Holy Spirit. What a gift- this ability to go directly to you- to be able right now in this prayer to sit w you. You know I’m no bible thumping scholar I just see you move in my life on the daily and answer prayers that I bring and lay at your feet and it is with the heat in my hands I scream thank you and hallelujah:)))) allow each of us to kick butt today- to teach with enthusiastic strength to smile in rooms and beam your light to everyone;) we come together as your warriors and as your light bearers!!! It is with your unlimited resources we call on the Holy Spirit to allow us to do things no human untouched by your light can do—� like forgive people who have hurt us- to run where before we were lame, to overcome adversity where others said could not be overcome- your Holy Spirit is a gift that Jesus gave us when he took his last breath and said please father forgive them for they know not what they do- you gave us a gift w thorns in your head- spikes in your hand- your body hung to GIVE US THIS GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT- this is better then any present any man, woman or child could ever bestow-, we treasure you and we fall to our knees in complete supplication and together we sing our praises and heart song by saying AMEN:)
Xou all kick butt on this Monday:)