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Fitness In Christ Week TwentyTwo:
“Be a Reflection of God’s Glory.”

Welcome to Fitness In Christ, in your quiet time today here by this beautiful Ocean Take a moment to have an intimate conversation with God, your father and hear him speaking to your heart in this verse:

“But whenever anyone turns to the Lord the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit and wherever the spirit of the Lord is He gives FREEDOM. And all of us have had that veil removed so that we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord. And as the spirit of the Lord works with us we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more.”
2 Corinthians 3:16-18

Dear Lord, I humbly write to you on this moonlight night, out in my outdoor garden, my fountains are gently soothing and bubbling over with peace and tranquility as I pray for your words to divinely come through my fingers on my laptop and reach out to one specific soul. Allow this lesson to move and inspire a daughter or son of yours that may be lost and in need of inspiration, or a leader in need of a gentle kiss from your beautiful Holy Spirit...here we go.
Father as I read this my heart was stirred, how your spirit aches and yearns for connection with each one of us in such a direct and personal way. These verses illustrate just that..when we open our hearts and fall unto the sword of your son Jesus’s blood and we truly accept him and lift our hearts to him you give us this amazing gift or reconnection to you. Once fallen from sin you made a way back for us... simply to understand your love is so great for us you sent your only son to die for all of our past sins, all of our present sins and all the sins we are yet to commit. You desire a connection, a communion, a re-instatement of relations from when we originally walked with you in the garden of eden. Lord how could you love us that much? How could Jesus love us that much? We were mocking and spitting on him, nailing him to a cross, abandoning him, whipping him, digging thorns into his head and yet in spite of all of this...he said “Father forgive them for they know NOT what they do....” and then he quietly and humbly dies.... fulfilling his legacy so we might come to know him and accept him and enjoy the fruits of this verse.
Lord when I returned to you as an adult I had been running, mocking, spitting, cursing, drinking partying-- you name it and I traveled, boated, danced, or had a limo ready to go with my gaggle of girlfriends ready for Vegas or the next Del Mar Black tie Event. Flash Bulbs and the hottest guy was my fulfillment of my cup....So empty. I had been hurt and I was running and running I was sure going to make the world and every man pay for what had been taken from me. Boy did I do a great job!!! And again IN SPITE of all this I always heard a soft whisper in my heart from God.
I heard him calling out to me. “Kita I love you and I am going no where I will sit with you throughout all of your pushing and one day you will return to me. I have great plans for you and for your heart. I will wait. I will not judge you, I will only love you and provide you healing from your pain and forgiveness for all your mistakes, and mostly I shall re-instate your spirit to a divinely heavenly realm.”
Well one day as I was truly struggling, I had lost all my material possessions to pay my hospital bills from my accident- my escalade, my beautiful home in Del Mar, my BMW convertible, everything..... I had no family out here to talk to or to help box up my little things I had left... I had hit rock bottom. And then I dropped to my knees in my large walk in closet and I called out to him... I said, “Lord if you really are out there and you are that voice that keeps calling me in my dreams and in my head at night when I go out then I need to hear form you now. I need to feel you in my spirit. I need to know you are real. I need to know you are who YOU say YOU are!!!”
And in one instant He answered. My heart felt a heat that I still feel today when I pray...it was his spirit..the Holy Spirit that had come to reign in my heart, in my body and in my mind. I then closed my eyes and I felt tears come from a place I had never known and thus began my opening and evolving transition to becoming a warrior for Christ and for God. Let me say, in a whisper of boldness...to your heart....He IS real!!! This veil that he removes is instant... he will allow you to feel him and feel his desires for your life if you so choose to open your spirit. I pray today THIS is YOUR day, I pray your heart is opened and forever changed. Respectfully, Kita...Amen
Let’s just dive into this verses while you are walking on the beach ask yourselves these questions and just start a conversation with God. Here we go!:)
“But whenever anyone turns to the Lord the veil is taken away.”

Question ask yourself what veil do you want removed? Ask God to help remove that veil and allow you to see that he has ALREADY removed it and lifted your body, mind and spirit to receive healing and light in place of the blocking and he will open your spirit to endless possibilities.
I realize today as I walk through life I have a choice to walk in freedom. If I am feeling depressed or down I need to catch myself and simple pray and ask God to fill me up. To help me open to understanding what the setback is I am facing and how I can use HIS spirit to overcome it and then help inspire other’s to open up to God’s power of love.
“Now the Lord is the Spirit and wherever the spirit of the Lord is He gives FREEDOM.”
3. Ask yourself how can you bring the “spirit of the Lord” more into your daily life? How can you begin to be an expression of “living with Freedom”?
4. Now as you begin your new experience of having your “veil removed” ask yourself how you can be a mirror- a reflection of brightness for God? What things could you choose to do today and in this next week to reflect this light?
“And all of us have had that veil removed so that we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord.”
5. I want you to reflect this week on everything you do and then ask yourself when you did these new actions did you feel a stronger bond with God? Could you feel his light beam brighter in you?
“And as the spirit of the Lord works with us we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more.”

Dear Lord, As we close today and as we begin to walk along this beautiful ocean Lord I ask that you reach inside each of my warriors and lift their hearts, lift all the burdens, lift all sadness, erase any grief, lift and restore, reboot, heal, anoint, and bless each of my beloved fighters and defenders of your precious and Holy name. We love you Lord and we place our hands in yours, our hearts are open to receiving your Holy Spirit and your voice. We know you have a special path for each of us, special gifts and talents, that we will lift up and give to you, to glorify you....it seems so small in comparison to who you are.... You rule the skies...the thunder...the ocean.... And yet you desire and chase after EACH one of us. No matter how far we wonder and run...YOU this amazing KING and ruler seek us out. You find us on our path, and we stand now in your intersection with openness, humility and passion for you and your voice to live within us and to live a life with your gifts expressed within each of us. We identify as your child, as your receiver of your light and power and all your wonderful gifts....Together we stand and in unison say, “Amen”
NOW Please at your own pace, and by yourself, go stand or sit in silence for about 5 min reading through the the bible verse and simply allow the holy spirit to reveal a message of strength, conviction, hope, truth, light or a special message God has just for you. Then Kita will softly tap you on your shoulder to get your attention Just silently stand up and by yourself at your own pace begin to walk on the beach in a southern direction, together in silence- Please this is vital- NO TALKING. God desires a relationship with just you, he wants to speak to you with the ocean crashing and the seagulls flying over your heads to inspire and open each of your hearts and while you walk in silence please walk repeating and memorizing this verse in your heart. Then Kita will gather us back together for a 10 min mini bootcamp with core. Please continue to see God speak to you, then in a circle we will pray with each other and set individual spiritual, wellness and fitness goals for upcoming week. This week’s Mission if you so choose is: “Imagine God leading you through your “valley”, lifting you up and directing you to a happy, healing, peaceful, loving place. You must let go of everything “earthly” fix your eyes upon HIM and HE WILL deliver and Direct your path.’ Amen I love you:)
Next week’s Goals: 1. Open yourself to having God lift your Veil 2. Set daily action goal of how you can mirror God’s light. 3. Spend time in reflection of how changed your spirit is how God is bringing more and more of HIS qualities into your personality. xoxo Kita Founder Fitness in Christ