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Ephesians 3:14 wow:) Let’s just jump into it:) Dear beautiful, faithful Father- I pray today on this beautiful morning that each of my readers and those that don’t read my posts just everyone I come into contact with, teach, speak to or who surround me today to be healed and blessed by your angels and your spirit Lord:) Allow all those families I’m praying for to have supernatural healing w battles of chemo— back pain, full body restoration- hernia’s, fungus, broken bones, feet that need healing, babies that are sick, mommies that need energy, daddies that need strength, single parents that do duel duties- all the service guards that protect our nation and their families, all police, firefighters, nurses and drs, all emergencies may your love and healing light touch us all. Lord please allow our spirt to grow deep roots down into your soil of truth. Allow each of us to be brave and to conquer any battles of depression or feelings of isolation. My battle cry Lord is letting everyone know my faith came directly from you- all those years ago you had a reckoning and a reawakening in my heart for you- not from a church, not from a bible study in fact in some instances I was hurt again in those situations rather God You came to me when I humbly and on my knees in desperation called out to you/when I felt alone, when I felt totally isolated so my call will always be to those who suffer the same. I’m not a bible person that knows much I just read by myself and you speak to my heart- let us all just come to you with our hearts open and ready to feel comfort, ready to drop our guard and put our roots deep into your soil. I love you Lord with my whole heart- I see how you can take an older, broken bones and all lady and heal me so I can teach again and bring light into hearts of hope and joy. I love you Lord as I love each reader and today we say in our hearts together AMEN.

I love you my warriors:) xoxo

How to get over people who are critical of you......Ecclesiastes 3:22...Reading this first chapter I realized there is a time for everything...there is a season for everything ...what struck me was this last line of all the verses of chapter one- and it’s exactly what I needed this morning. This past month I have been teaching classes in Tucson where no one knows me- I have to pronounce my name “Keetah” so they remember tell them in 10 sec who I am what class is about etc... and then teach... it’s been humbling experience for most of you on here have either known me since childhood or have been clients, or friends from SD so it’s s whole new world to get those cat claws out to teach again that have been tucked away in nice soft slippers lol. Anyway I have this one lady and every class she takes of mine she always talks through entire class or comes up to me after and complains about something-,it’s funny how in life we can have literally 30 other people pour out their hearts and souls and let you know how your class is helping them but that one lady comments can affect you the entire day and now I’m even writing about it- grrrr...and I’m doing this bc I’m transparent w all of you. I always want my heart to be vulnerable w you and let you know I struggle everyday w what I know you may struggle with also. So how many times in your life are you going through life seemingly wonderfully and bam a critic steps up and throws a mud pie in your face? What do you do??? Well yesterday I really let it get me down. In each class I teach I give my 100% heart and soul I beam love to each student- in fact I want each student to feel they are the only one in the room- I want them to go on a fitness discovery of finding their inner warrior. Wow writing about it gets me excited!!! I love what I do- so when I read this verse I did realize I am doing what I know God wants me to be doing I just need to remember- we don’t get a “do-over”, if we lose time on said critics we lose that time forever/ FOREVER- that’s a long time:). So today if your thinking about someone at work that is critical of you let that go- think of all the other 100 people or things, or events that you have been successful in and let it go. For me I’ll pray for us all and let’s together place at God’s feet.

Dear Heavenly Father you know what a struggle yesterday was- when that lady criticized my class after 10 others praised it I only held on to the one critical thought- I let it run over and over and over in my head- allow me to learn a lesson in this- allow me to realize you are my truth- you are my anchor you are who I measure all else to. Let me remember this that your light shines in me- your truth falls from my lips and my heart as a passion to help and to heal. I release this lady and her laughter of my limp & mean comments and I give her to you- may you heal her and soften her heart to see only beauty and love in everything around her, allow her lens of humanity be opened up and see goodness. I may walk w a limp but when she laughed at me in my struggle it hurt. I know you are holding me now in this body at this time to allow me to understand pain and what it feels like to be held back so in this pain I will praise you- I will grow stronger and I will develop further as a leader- allow all my readers to see how they are warriors!!!! Show us each in your way that we are each becoming stronger, more empowered, more empathetic & better leaders. Inspire us & allow each to let go and fix their eyes, hearts and souls on your truth. We love you Lord and we praise you. Together we hold our hearts together in unison and we sing—�-Amen

Xoxo Kita

John chapter 15 verse 18:
Wow so powerful when you feel disappointed, when you feel let down, when you feel like you just don’t fit in- when you want to run away to that wood cabin in the woods w no internet remember these words- in this verse. “When the world hates you remember it hated me before it hated you. The world would love you if you belonged to it-BUT YOU DON’T. “

WOW!!! This brings such peace to me- why you ask? Bc how many times do you find yourself feeling frustrated, lost, depressed bc of someone or some event hurt you? Well now your heart can empathize & understand the concept of having the world shun us and disappoint our hearts. Again how can we expect this world to love us and believe us if they didn’t love and believe Jesus? I mean we are talking about Jesus the SON OF GOD!!!

I mean think about Of all the miracles Jesus did- healing the blind- the sick, feeding the poor by multiplying loaves and wine/ raising Lazerous from the dead- all the prophecies that he fulfilled & he did all these miracles- and yet still many didn’t believe not only that they stood by and persecuted him.... and they continue to this day:((((...

So when we are having a rough time in the world as a christian I want to encourage us all to go re-read this chapter 15 of John it will bring us peace and grace for our situation. Now I’m not saying to run around being a christian douche bag by walking around w a chip on your shoulder w a elitist attitude I’m saying just the opposite- knowing this- knowing they denied and persecuted JESUS THE SON OF GOD- we of course as christians are going to run into many “worldly” stumbling blocks.

So what can we do??? We can pray for each other- we can encourage each other and we can lift our spirits by reading the word of God daily and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal us, bring us peace & allow us to forgive those that hurt us.

Dear Heavenly Father- I come before you as a woman who seeks your truth- as a warrior against bullies and a trainer who seeks to uplift and empower w your light those whose spirts have been trampled. Lord I ask today in this moment you anoint and uplift each reader that you clear each heart, reboot each cell, restore each heart, clear all obstacles and uplift to a higher ground. Lord we ask you place each of us directly next to a hurting soul, to allow our gifts/ our smiles-,our abilities to reach your tender hearted children. May we seek you in our trials- may we be open to hearing your voice, your miracles of unfolding opportunities. Lord we gather together today to say we praise you, we exalt your name above all names- we dance- we laugh- we cry- we heal in you and through you and together we stand together and sing out loud—AMEN;) 😍 ❤️ 🙏 👍
I love each of you so much. Xoxo Amen Kita